“The hand is the instrument of


the mind”.

                  -Dr. Maria Montessori










West End Montessori (WEMS) sees its role as being assistants to the parents.  Nurturing your children is the most important job we have.  We understand that we are setting a life-pattern for your child by providing support for their intellectual and emotional growth at this point of life.  We hope that each child’s experiences at WEMS will allow them to develop a sense of self-confidence that encourages inquisitiveness, initiative and independence in learning for the joy of learning.


Our lead and assistant teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society (AMS).

All teachers use their expertise to function in a team approach to provide a well-rounded learning environment for your child.  Most importantly, our teachers love to work with children!


We want to share with you the respect and delight that we take in your child’s growth.  In this regard, we offer many opportunities for you to share this important environment with them.  As a parent, you are encouraged to visit the classroom and attend parent evenings, events and field trips to allow you to get to better know our school and staff.  These opportunities provide growth in your personal parenting skills while showing by your actions that your child's school is important to you.


Janet Gallagher, Head of School